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The Big Picture



For the past two years and especially the past year I've been like the princess and the pea. The lack of blood in my lower extremities changed sensation so that anything that touched me from the waist down didn't feel like what it was. A mere wrinkle in the bed sheets felt like my leg was resting on a piece of lumber. This could result in anything from severe discomfort to extreme pain and the doctor warned me that once blood carried oxygen to my extremities that would bring its own painful sensations. Today I noticed that finally my feet and legs feel normal! No pain, no tingling, no numbness or confusing phantom sensations!


There's still quite a bit of frustration on my part because I feel better and want to move and go! but the nurse and PT set me straight on that today too. I still have a long way to go but I'm seeing big progress already and look forward to more. All in good time. I am very patient with others but with myself, not so much. I might need reminding from time to time! lol


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Jamie: your recovery travels along at a wonderful pace. And to finally be able to relax and rest without the "pea" issues. That alone has helped move you along so quickly.


Isn't is amazing when oxygen and good blood flow is returned to wanting areas. It is almost like your legs are having a party - Yahoo, someone brought the snacks! And for that I know you are thankful - nothing was too far gone to recover.


However, those muscles have worked at half or even less speed for a long period and they need time to learn to work at full speed again. Your body will tell you. It is really OK to be tired, you must not get to exhaustion.


You know I too am on board for the reminding. Great news! Debbie

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Good for you Jamie that you are feeling better as for me I'm still in that painful stage where my left side is so painful to be paralyzed for so long!! I know it's a slow and long process to recover from a stroke of any kind!!


The thing I see in my case is age has it's place so as my body get better from the stroke all the elements of age sits in making me feel more pains from arthritis as well as from the stroke but I survived this long already so I'm not complaining one bit!!!!

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That is awesome that the procedure went as planned and you have seen allot of improvement from the past year and your legs are getting the blood supply they need! I would feel the same way about not being patient! But maybe leave the PT advice up to the experts. : )

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