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Time To Blog Again



I don't have anything to Blog about but since my last blog about Fathers Day I thought I need to write again!! Since summer is going to be here on Sunday officially I know it was time to blog again!! There has been tornadoes and hurricanes in some states lately even as late as yesterday with some twisters happening in South Dakota yesterday as well.


I thought about Dan and Nancy being in North Dakota and having just moved into a different home lately how they are doing. These twisters can happen so fast and do so much damage. I think it was just last year they hit here in Texas and in Alabama causing lots of damage... I can say we have been lucky so far that none has been in our little town for a couple of years now. We just never know when they will strike!!


Being from Houston Texas I know they can form up and hit in a matter of minutes with much damage to homes and buildings... Being a stroke survivor myself it's not much I could do to be safe when one comes our way!! I just hope we get as much warning as possible then I still don't know if that would help very much!! Now that summer is here on Sunday I just hope for the best. We know to go to the first floor and get in a closet. That was one reason I didn't want to live in a two story home but my wife wanted one.. She has said if we had it to do all over again now that I had this stroke she would have a single story home here in Texas.


We only got one tree in the front yard that the builders planted when they constructed the home in 2000!! We have had some windy days since that time that affected the roof shingles but no real major damage to the house!! In Texas we never know what year will be a big disaster in storms!!


I guess that is better than being in a zone where wild fires are raging all the time like in California. I don't want to live that far off in the woods among the wild animals like bears looking for food around your home!! I would lose my mind walking out my door and looking a big bear in the eyes... On the other hand people will build homes high up on these hills and mountain ridges where animals are all the time, that's not for me!! I know I don't want to be that close to creeks and rivers either where your home could flood if it rains a lot... That water has to flow someplace other than my house!!! Then the snakes are sure to be close around!!!


Guess I'm just not a guy looking to be among nature like deer in your yard and on your porch eating your flowers you just bought from Walmart... When you live in areas like that someone is always out hunting for game and may shoot through your window!! I'd rather live in the city so when I hear gun shots I know they are not after me and I can call the police who responds pretty fast most of the time...


I'm trying to recover from this stroke but it feels like I have really slowed down since I'm in my tenth year...Then again at my age now arthritis has really set in my knees and I have had it for many years now so it will only get worse in years to come...I may never be able to walk very far with my care so I'm glad I can drive plus I got my scooter for shopping in the stores!! Many of them are big stores now so there is no way I could walk around in them shopping in the years ahead!!!


Well, that's my blog and perhaps next time I will have a subject to discuss!!!


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Fred, just glad to see you on here. Your blogs are always interesting to me, where you live is like some of our northern towns but on a much bigger scale. I know things are always bigger in Texas! But I'm with you, No to floods, bushfires or any kind of dangerous animal outside my door. Suburbia may not be as adventurous or close to nature but at my time of life I am all for safety over peace and quiet.



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Thanks Fred, I knew the first day of summer is coming up but didn't know's not on my calender for some reason! With the 90 degree days we've had in the last week, hard to believe it's not here already.

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Today is the first day of summer but I think the calenders have it for the 21st tomorrow, heck I don't know for sure!!!!!


I said in my third paragraph that summer is here on Sunday, well officially it really starts today, Friday, but I was thinking a full day or two of summer where we can feel and see the difference in heat. That takes a day or two usually but we have been in summer dress at my church for a week already!! Our pastor likes for everyone to stay awake while he is preaching and the ceiling fans not turned on to keep some people awake!! Again this is CENTRAL Texas and it gets really hot HERE!!!

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Hi Fred, I think the first day of summer is tomorrow. Here in Florida it is hot and getting hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then it rain's very heavy, then gets hotter LOL. I live in Cental Florida, so no bears, no grators, but got snakes, and a racoon who owes the neighbourhood LOL. When we lived with our house back on a lake a gator went for a walk ! my husband with my son saw him. We have been blessed no hurricane's. I have been in one, went to sleep best sleep i haded!



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Hot and humid here too Fred. I just finished washing the car and am trying to cool off. It is only a little after 10 a.m. We are to have storms later this afternoon. We have had a lot of rain but lucked out on tornados in our area so far.


We never went in the city much except to go see our Cardinals play baseball. There are drive by shootings in the city where you can get hit sitting in your home. Yesterday someone was hit sitting outside in a restaurant!


Summer is here but I will take it over winter anyday! Have a good one.



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I know exactly what you are talking about with the random shootings everywhere it seems here in my city!! I have stopped going places to try and stay alive!! It seems everybody got a gun and we are losing police officers week after week being shot at a home they are trying to enter for a warrant or drugs. Soldiers are killing each other nightly, every morning in the news one or two shooting deaths are reported!!

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