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Father's Day Sunday June 15th 2014



Well it's that time of the year again, that is, to Wish all fathers a happy fathers day, so my wish to all of you is to get many gifts, kisses, summer clothes, shoes, and what ever else your wife, kids, and any others that want to surprise you with on your special day this year!!!


Notice I didn't mention money that's the last thing on wives minds but a lot of honey would be very nice since they seem to put us on a every now and then schedule saying she don't want to hurt my back any worse than what it already is!!!!!! :growl: Heck we only had a stroke a little moving ain't going to kill us!!!!



"'SO HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU FATHERS"" :rolleyes: :roflmao: Get on down with it


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Fred :


Hubby & I don't exchange gifts, I tell him when I want something & he gets it. I never buy anything for him, we go together & buy whatever he needs. He is amazing father & human being not romantic but great human being, and I thank my stars for having him in my life. have a great fathers day




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Happy Father's Day to you Fred. The kids are coming over but they have other fathers and stepdad's and grandpas to share. The most father's want is just to know they count and are loved.



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Happy belated father day, Fred. My husband haded a great one. i stopped him for going to work, he took a PTO. My son came down from college, our grand kids made him cards, and i cooked. He saw the love LOL



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Well, well, well, I just want to thank the three of you, Asha, Julie, and Yvonne better known as Englishlady to many of us members here!! Thank all of you for your comments on my blog!!

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