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Well Summer Is Blooming In Texas



It's that time of the year here in central Texas, the sun shines daily where wearing flip flops, shorts, and nothing more, is the norm!! Many stores have put up signs on the doors or in the windows saying "no shirt, no shoes, No service." Some stores don't allow swim suits either for men, women or kids!! Walmart is one of them and a couple of the grocery stores too!!


For me it's a time to get out and about and see how the city is growing with homes and businesses being built in the neighborhoods and in our downtown areas!!! Otherwise the township is small, always have been, from the time it got started centuries ago in the 1800 hundreds...They are repaving the streets and fresh paint is everywhere to spruce up the look of the older buildings among the new ones!!! Even the Police department got new vehicles and a relocated Police Department building with morden equipment inside!!


We have had a few officers killed along with many soldiers returning from duty overseas.... I think it's drug related in most cases where lives are lost and domestic cases where men are at the wrong house when the husband comes home!!!! I guess cheating will always be a death sentence for some men and women who refuse to stop bad habits!!! I suppose in military town and communities that is always a big problem and when the police is called to the disturbance lives are lost!!


On the other hand money is flowing by soldiers getting killed in the war and husbands or wives collecting big payouts for their deaths!!! New expensive cars are being bought and new homes bought too... I feel good driving my 10 year old car and living on my retirement from years ago!!!


The best part of summer is coming for me as my wife and I will celebrate birthdays in July as we did out anniversary of 16 years being married to each other on the 9th of June!!! Had my mom been still alive she would have celebrated her 116th birthday on 11 June by her being born in 1898!!! I tell people and they just can't believe my mom had 18 kids and I'm number 18 born when she was 43 years old!!! Of course she had one set of twin girls, one still living!!! They were number 16 and 17 born five years before me!!!


I'm sure she is up there with God and praying daily for me and my sister. I think that's how I'm still surviving on this earth with her prayers and mine!!! I just hate she didn't get to see my now wife whom I feel is the one meant for me and she was God sent!!!


So I hope all of you have a wonderful Summer doing things you always wanted to do and of course those of you in Australia, the land down under, who are having Winter time now!!! God is so good to all of us all the time keeping us strong as we recover from strokes and care giving for loved ones!!! Then those of you in other parts of the world I wish you well too!!!


Hopefully we can bring ALL the troops home from Afghanistan soon and not send anymore troops to Iraq where war is resuming among them once again...


I wish all of you a happy summer ahead and much recovery for all survivors and care givers alike because you have the toughest job around caring for a survivor!!! May our God bless all of us daily!!!


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Thanks for the good wishes Fred. You do have something special in the way you look at life. Does us all good just to read your blogs.

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Fred :


love your blogs they are so uplifting, full of grace & gratitude. you are one happy man. Enjoy your summer.



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I do believe in being as happy as you possibly can each day in your life or you'll fall for anything so be happy and be good where good things come your way!!!! Even if you are kinda say smile anyway and you get happy right away or at least I do!!!! I am waiting for my birthday next month and my wife has one too a week before me!!!

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