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added as a blog for Nancy L -- big is a disease - the trouble getting medical care these days..



A big part of this is the conglomerate take over of the hospitals and clinics --- all docs have to do walk in duty so they have to see patients they don't even know - and we have chosen a "primary" to manage our care - BUT can never - ever get to see them - because of the constant rotating and juggling the docs are forced to do because of the huge take overs going on. So the docs who want to take care of " their " patients" can't because it has all gotten to big … my example was ( not stroke related) but 1.5 weeks ago i had my hemoglobin checked - it was 7.3 - i had it done at a public health center since they are not as busy or as expensive -- so i had the level faxed to my primary… the next day i had chest pains from both Dan ( the guy with the stroke had a seizure ) and i adrenalined so much i actually had a retain to it -- chest pains -- in part because my hemoglobin is so low , giving me little "stress" threshold … oK so i am waiting - monday, tuesday for my primary to call me - nothing - i finally call weds. and it was lost in a shuffle all my labs from the public health center and the hospital -- they track them down and a nurse calls me back and the first appt. i can be seen by my primary is tomorrow tuesday ( but this was a week ago the conversation that took place)- so a 6 day wait … now my primary is a awesome caring lady who has a good grasp of me, my life ( with dan) and my chronic anemia - no way by choice is she dropping the ball so to speak the place has just gotten so big the left and right hand have NO idea what is going on with each other…. my condition is chronic but also acute -- and treatment for it should not be 2 weeks after the fact and it was not like this pre takeover days … And they make it so she HAS to SEE me ( more money for the appt that the lab obviously tells them what is going on - but protocol requires she physically see me)-- I know i sound like a conspiracy theory person ( i don't' like creepers like that) but i believe it has all gotten just to plain out big and no case management of any type for any patient is being done appropriately … it can't, it is way to big and growing way to fast…. so now take my issue and management-- in someone who is in a acute health care crisis - can't think, can't remember ( to give proper history or accurate description of symptoms) due to the illness-( like a stroke) itself … and what you got ? doc's passing a patients along with no management what so ever .. we will see this more and more - maybe this is why we appear to be seeing more strokes ? and bad ones since they are not being caught, in time to get any proactive treatment - since protocol has become -- pass the buck ( in this case the patient) ….. my 2 cents worth - not much but i believe it is a accurate description of the decline of our healthcare in america all the while the conglomerates are charging more than ever for their services --- sting has can attach a link from the NY times ref the increase and takeovers in her areas ( NY) … charge more but give less care… now,- if that is not a corporate takeover - i don't know what is --- and the " common business tactic - give johnny public a trinket ( obama care ) to make us believe our health care matters -- LOL-- who can afford a 4800 deductible??…. in any big take over - a small trojan gift horse is offered - during a massive take over - and that is my take on what has happened to us america , Big is a disease …. whether it be a car, your weight, a company ( look at walmart), a animal , a house , a restaurant , a farm- think GMO's and what happens if to much hamburger gets ground together from separate animals - disease, ( we have all seen the hamburger recalls) or government ( imagine if our elected officials had obama care ?) - but THEY don't -" just us chickens" out here roosting ( lol) -- if anything becomes to big it becomes diseased with the sickness of GREED…



Source: New and frustrated


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Guest lwisman


Sorry you had problems. It will no doubt take time for everything to "shake out." I guess I am just lucky. My primary physician group was bought by a local hospital, which happens to be the one where my records are. The service has improved since they are now owned by the hospital. I went to her in January under a new insurance plan. I got a letter from my provider saying the doctor's office had sent in the wrong form. And then I got another letter in two weeks saying they had paid (all but the co-pay). My old plan would not have covered stuff that according to their handouts should be covered/ Anyway, I am a happy camper. I went to the eye doctor last week so we shall see what happens. The eye doctor always does tests on top of checking for my glasses prescription. When I had my stroke they sewed my right eye shut because it would not shut on its own. So, now it has to be checked every six months to a year. I also had high pressure this time so I have to go back six months. As I said, we shall see how the payment goes. Getting into see both doctors was about a three week wait for an appt. So my next appts are already made.

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Nancy I agree with you. The health care system is a mess and it is greed! just the other day i saw an article about how much doctors are making off Medicalcare too much, and the care for the people are nothing to write home about. United States spend more on healthcare then countries in Europe, yet they have better care! I think that Mr.Obama, wanted care for everyone too many people without and this was people who worked but could not afford healthcare, and that is not right. Soon America will have to do something and get a system that serves all the people.



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it is not the personal docs ( anymore) -- the conglomerates that have taken all over are doing this all the docs in their small offices if any exist anymore have to have "affiliations " with big conglomerates to be in compliance with our new obama laws -- because of the two medical record keeping ( charting) corporations ( epic in our area ) and they will not let small docs or hospitals buy into the medical /charting companies -- thus the "take over" not by choice by government force… now this is as i understand what is going on -- i leave room for error and WIL NOT ever be a politician ( to many ethics ) i would be buried -- and as i said i could be wrong but from my reading this is how i understand it … but with all the political bait and switch - i wonder if anyone knows…. each is just trying to do what is in their own best interest… get rich,-- gone are the nuns as i said before… nancyl

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Just wait till the dentists , eye docs, chiropractors and the like all get forced in… it WILL come… no more "shingles" just a big glass cold building to get your medical care… Some docs are quiting and bar tending - i kid you not ….

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