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Busy, busy, busy



blog-0859624001404150677.jpgWe have been so busy I just have not had time to even think about blogging, But here goes. First the frustration of trying to post a new gallery here. I have some pics I would like to post of our Alfa but could only get one to add to an existing album. So you may have to look at previously posted pics as well. I cannot make a new gallery, and I just don't have the time or mental energy to fight it now. I have never been able to easily add photo's here and I just do not know why. When I try to follow the steps in the help section I am told I do not have permission to do so. Excuse me, I give up!


Enough of the rant. This summer has been crazy busy with company, guess that is what we get for living in a resort area. We did get our 1991 Alfa Romeo convertible, maybe the pic posted, maybe not...... Company has been coming all summer so far all wanting to fish. 6 relatives came a week ago. Having 3 generations, grandpa, son, and grandson in one canoe with me solo in another watching was stressful to say the least The good news is that all stayed dry and safe, and all caught fish.


This past weekend more company, I had to stay home, I was just exhausted and being in a canoe did not seem like a good idea.


Nearly all the projects I spoke of this spring have been completed. The few that remain will wait for another day. The biggest one, the wainscoating paneling of the upstairs has been done. The only regret is that we should have done it long ago.


Lesley went to a old historic town on the Mississippi river last week with a girlfriend and had a ball for three days. Her husband and I shared some "guy" time here holding things together.


Looks like the tent camping trip planned with a buddy in August will not happen.He had back and toe surgery recently and will not be up to the trip. To tell the truth I don't mind. A break in the action is OK with me. Later this week we are going to take our Alfa to a car show in Wisconsin and show it along with some friends who have one as well. Lesley is also doing a 4 mile walk with the lady for charity. I passed on that!


I am noticing that age is creeping up on me and the afflictions of such and those the stroke added are becoming a bit more noticable. I will not bore you with the list, lets just say that at 69 the list is getting longer. Plus I have been fighting nasal conjestion and a sore throat now for about a week, so not in the best mood as of late.


I also notice the issue that Sue mentioned of others wanting you to do things for them and their organizations is appearing. I don't want to do anymore than I am at the moment. These people don't seem to understand that just because I maybe could do something does not mean I WANT to.


Anyway, enough of this gouchy blog, The sun rose in the East this morning and I am still breathing so life is good!




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George :


thanks for update, I always love your attitude towards life. glad you are having fun. I so agree with you & Sue about how people want you to do things cause they think since you are retired & have all the time in your hand. I feel same way about that yes I have time, but that is available to what I want to do not what they want.



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Hi George, you are having a busy summer, and getting some rest will do you good. Love the car, i had one in England, boy friend had an accident in it and it was so expensive to fix it.


Enjoy yourself and yes People feel that because you have the time, you should do want they want you to do. I tell my kids, that I earn this time and it is how i want to spent it!


We all got up today, breathing, so life is good!



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Nice car George. Can't say I have ever wanted one but this sounds as if it is a new hobby for you and takes you places so good for you. I smiled at the description of those things that come with our advancing years. add me to that list too. A few hours in the garden and I moan all the next day.


Don't know what the gallery problems you've struck is about but message bblack (brice black) and he may be able to help you as he is our tech support.



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George, we are just ahead of you in age. You do much more than we do however. The nasal congestion has been with us for months!


Loved the car and your blog.



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George, good to see you blogging again and my wife says age is creeping in on me too so much that she don't want me driving by myself any place.. I have to tell her I been behind the wheel since I was 14 and drove tanks in the Army!! So, just because I'm turning 73 in a couple weeks don't mean I should stop driving my car!!!


Your car reminds me of my days in Germany being passed by those little cars with so much engine power on the autobahn with no speed limits and I'm doing 85 MPH!!


You still travel in the RV much??? That's what I still miss during the hot summer months hitting the highways!!

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George: thank you for the update. Glad to hear you and Lesley are enjoying the summer - but a busy one. Good for you to know when you need some time off.


Love the car - enjoy your trip. Bruce will love hearing about it. Debbie

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