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Pure/Budda mind?



Yes, I have been reading zen and eastern thinking material again. I have a question from my readings...... Buddha thinks we have a pure mind, I don't think I buy that.

My first initial response was "what about Hitler, Saddam, Mussolini? They definitely didn't have pure mninds, but it was quickly pointed out to me that all my examples I used are insane....... OK, so that brings me back to the original thought... I disagree with Buddha, I don't think we have pure minds as adults, we have our upbringing, our conditioning. As children our minds are pure but living life and growing into adults somehow most of us lost our purity of mind. Now if you'd like, you can stop reading cause I have been imbibing Sangria this evening. I'm not used to drinking ewine, I'm a wimp when it comes to wine. So if you're hoping for some brilliant answer to my question, I don't have anything more to say on the subject as all my words just dried up.



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Hey Pammy, why don't you send some of that over here... I'm thinking of buying some ding dongs, and I might as well start drinking too.


I'm not so much into the pure mind and heart thing as I am the good mind and heart. I think you have those covered nicely.

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The way I view what Buddha meant is that we are all born with a pure mind and we all have the ability to have a pure mind at our own will and choice---no matter what our conditioning and upbringing was/is. We are in control of our thoughts. We can put pure thoughts in our minds, or we can fill it up with junk. Zen is about self-programing your mind to embrace inner tranquility.



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How true, guess I should lay off trying to be a deep thinker when I'm a drinker....., eh?


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Hey, Pam, I could be wrong. Like I said in one of my blogs, you can't agrue with a dead guy whether you're sober or drunk. biggrin.gif



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