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Let Freedom Ring!



I've been having a running arguement with the X for days now. He just stomped out of here, guess he didn't like what I said. Oh well. After he pulled away and I shut my door and locked it, I felt so free. Free of him, free of being a caring loving wife, free of play acting.Most of all free that I'm not his emotional crutch anymore. The responsibility that brought was heavy. Speaking of this makes me realize this July 4th will have added meaning for me. If only I was legally free of him. But that may take years as I think we are both waiting for the other to file to pay. I'm in no hurry, so I can play the waiting game, he is in more of a hurry then I am, besides it isn't as much fun messin with someones head that doesn't have the same skill level. Now that I said that, you don't need to comment on my blog. I am venting, I am using my blog to get my feelings and thoughts out. I am moving forward and this helps me. Beside this is how I feel at this very minute.Free.



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