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Lots of shaking Yikes!!!!!!



Hi all I am sure you have heard that Ca has had its swarms of Earthquakes ohmy.gif

I had just got home today when the 4.9 quake hit it was a big jolt I was putting my bird in his new cage I was at the swap meet with my son buying a bird since the other one got free.


Man I hate those things this one felt like someone got our house and just started shaking it . I just started to pray when it was shaking it lasted for about 20- 30 seconds, thats enough for me and the other night there was one up north from us when there was an emergency broadcast on T.V. warning about possible Tsunami that was a bit frightening too and last Sunday there was one an Earthquake I didn't feel that one I was on my way to church but my Daughter here at home felt it she was scared, from what my wife told me


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