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Short Fuse



Last night was a bad night for us here at home,

I get so agitated just for the littlest things and blow up I take it out on my family.

I am getting so upset at myself for that happening. I had told them before that I would control my temper.


I had done it for some time controlling my temper but last night was a bad one and we had a long family talk and my eldest son told me I had told them that would not happen anymore.I feel so ashamed about that, not keeping my word to them. He left and stayed at a friends house.something is bugging me inside and I am trying to figure it out. I have been told this before maybe I have not come to except the fact that I had a stroke Hmmmmmm I think that is part of my temper problem.

We all prayed together and went to bed hopefully my son will come home today..

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I know how you feel with temper, and it taking control. I seem to have lost my pateince

post stroke. Hang in there, your kids at least know you are human, and make mistakes, and you are not afraid to admit it to them. I think that shows a lot.

-Amy from Arkansas

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