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Nice weekend



I have not blogged in a while but decided to today as you can see . We had a nice weekend we had a BBQ to go to on Sat went to that it was fun, had kids and others playing vollyball then batmonton. oh yea and threw some horseshoes all that was fun. it all ended about 6: 30 Pm. Then went to Church on Sun and came home and just relaxed.

Well not really cleaned out my fish tank I have a 150 gal fish tank with some really big fish two big ones there part of the paranna family there called Pacu's

There about a foot in length and about 6" in width I feed them feeder fish sometimes, those are gold fish for those of you that dont know.

My wife is wanting to get rid of them there just out growing the tank.

When we had gone to Seaworld last summer we saw some in there fish tanks I thought mine were big those were about 3 feet in length and about 10 " in width Wow .


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