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Feeling pretty good



When I woke up today I got ready as usual took my kids to school I was thinking oh oh thinking thats bad for me. wank.gif What can I do different today so the thought came to me bike riding that sounds good so when getting back from taking them to school. I got the bike off the bike rack where it was hanging I took off to a park and went for a bike ride my balance was ok I was able to ride. I rode for about 1/ 2 hour at least there were lots of people out at the park walking around so I felt comfortable. I may keep it as a daily routine except when I go to my support group.


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i am a firm beliver that physical activity is good for the soul as well as the body. i am happy that you are feeling well today. aint it a great feeling?




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There's something to be said about warmer weather.

BTW, can you explain your aka of Mags?

I presume it has to do with mag wheels for a car as opposed to magazines sales. head_hurts.gifsilly.gif

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