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Different man



My Daughter has been asking me to shave off my stash so this morning I was in the mood and wala it came off lol_2.gif So I know I look like a different man.

but its ok its whats in the heart that counts I need to reevaluate my life and what I intend on doing with it . I seem to be going nowhere I need to get in gear and do something, no matter what becomes of social security weather I get it or not but I am going to fight for it , believe me I will.


When I say going nowhere I mean I feel as if I am just rooting away here doing absolutely nothing productive. My Psychiatrist continues to be supportive and tells me I will get it its just a matter of time. If I do get it or shall I say when I do get it, I intend to get a part time job down at the church I go to I am very close to some of the Pastors there I know they will be helpful in trying to get a part time job there.

My life needs to change for the better I dont think it can get any worse than it is now. So taking my Stash off is just the beginning and it was for my Daughter who wants me to have a different look I guess biggrin2.gif

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Steve, I'm definition of terminology is probably different than yours... I want to believe you are calling your mustache your stash..

Slang defines a person's stash as their pubic hair. Which would be pretty gross thinking of your daughter persuading you to shave your stash off. Sorry, I'm just demented.wacko.gif


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