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Two Most Comon Questions



Hello Everyone,


In reading posts the two questions I run across most often are 1) What caused my stroke and 2) what are my chances of having a second stroke. Below are the answers I have found.


Doctors are experts in what they dont tell you.


1) The best way I know of to find out what type of stroke you had is to go directly to the source. (No not your Doctor, lol ), but rather to the hospital whare you were treated and find the office called Medical Records. Walk in and tell them you wish to have a copy of your discharge summary report. Most if not all will be in this report.



2) Following stroke survival, what are my chances of a second stroke


According to the American Heart Association, stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability in the United States. Between 50 and 70 percent of stroke survivors recover to the point that they are able to remain independent, but 15 to 30 percent are permanently disabled, and 20 percent require institutional care three months after their stroke. About 22 percent of men and 25 percent of women who have suffered a stroke will die within a year and 14 percent of people who have had a stroke or TIA (mini-stroke) will suffer a recurrence within a year.



Foxnix a survivor


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You are such an intelligent man. You amaze me! Your poetry, your knowledge, your sensitivity, but I'm gushing. blush.gif

Your entry called Post #1 to you blog explaining your medical history is interesting.

My sister-in-law happens to work in the medical records department of the hospital I was discharged from and will call her Monday to ask what type/kind of stroke I had.

Thanks for the guidance. pash.gif

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Hi William,

Glad to have you join the group. Your poetry is beautiful, it is good thepary working

through your depression which in turn is working through forgiveness.

I have had two strokes one in 1999, second one Feb 2005.

I didn't do any thing to improve my illness in 1999, but this second stroke

came to my realization that I have gained an acute awareness of

spiritual. And my illness is all in my mind, not the body.

So all the healing is dealing with the mind. My thoughts need to

be) I am perfect, my brothers and sisters are perfect, I have all

my capabilities. There is no loss. javascript:emoticon(':cocktail:')


There is anotherway, Java

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