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Big Day for PT



Lisa has a big day in PT. As I stated yesterday, we attempted to get Lisa in to the passenger seat of my car. Without a slide board, it didn't go to well. Today we are going to try it with her PT person there.


A little about my car. It's a Hyundai Tiburon GT. One of those low kind of sports cars with two roomy front seats and no room in the back seat to speak of. The gap between her chair and the seat is about 6-12 inches. When Lisa explained this to PT they said it should be no problem. But, we aren't setting our hopes too high. If we can pull this off it will be huge. No more transportation service to drive her to Dr. appointments (which run $50 a trip). I will be able to come and just take her wherever. We have a large family dinner once a week and I would love to surprise everyone by bring her. She said she just wants to drive by our house to get a look at and make sure it its still standing.


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We have a large family dinner once a week and I would love to surprise everyone by bring her.


Butch never mind surprising the family. Think of how wonderful it would be for Lisa to be able to almost act normal and go to the family dinner.


I don't remember how long post stroke she is but I do know that before I could leave the rehab, there had to be a session with my c/g to practice getting in the car from the chair. It was 3 weeks for me - of course everyone is different. I'm sending energy your way for success in doing it.



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transportation problem sucks in USA,, and no social workeryold us, my hubby did lot of research and found out that county community services are available where for $1 a day they can take you to meeedical facility, or even red cross can pick you up for $10 each way, but redcross don't have special vehicle versus townsip community serviiiices do have, I thunk yyou have to book 2 weeks in advance}sha


















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if you have any public transit at all in your area they legally have to supply paratransit as well, your ot would have information on that, i bet - from the sounds of your car, the hardest thing might be getting the chair itself in afterwards, not lisa.... good luck, hope it goes well!!!

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Guest lwisman




Good luck to you and Lisa. Hope all works out well.


Check about transportation services. When I was in outpatient rehab, they had a van service which for $2 each way would pick you up and take you home. It was a life saver for me.


A cousin of my Dad's wife had a stroke a couple of years ago. One of the things he did early on was trade in his sports car for a large car which worked better for transfers and had more room. You might ask the PT for suggestions. He got a Lincoln. There are others on this network who have purchased vans that have been reconfigured for handicapped folk. I don't have any idea what would work best in your situation.

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Actually, it went very well. Once Lisa gets a little strong it should be no problem for us. Right now we need two people to do it. It's still scary by myself.

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