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Seeking Information



We are looking into buying a Myomo robotic arm brace for my wife, whose left arm was left useless by a stroke in October 2013. I wonder if anyone here has any experience with or knowledge of this high-tech device. Also if you have any insights into price I would love to hear them. My wife has been evaluated and found to be a suitable candidate for the Myomo. It is my understanding that insurance rarely covers this product and Medicare, which is my wife's insurer, NEVER does.

Just fishing for knowledge.



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Hi Ron,

Just wondering if your wife may be a candidate for a research project with this device.  I was just wondering if someone even some intern possibly is doing some dissertation or a efficacy project and is seeking individuals who qualify....this may be an opportunity to get to use the device free and see if it helps before you purchase or they may give it to you to keep possibly  and perhaps some compensation for being a part of the study such as gas and stuff.  Well maybe a google search or some hospital search for places using this thing. 

Just my wooden nickle cents worth.

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I was watching the Doctors show yesterday and a lady had one of those braces until she got her new arms... See if you can view that show... 

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