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another day is at hand



blog-0878043001428066888.jpg(sigh) here we go again. am up at 5 a.m. ish, looks like I'll be walking around with a bath towel (a slight whatchacallit) today the drooling is on both sides today and heavier than usual. Mother Nature kept me from getting the CPAP thing yesterday. Looks like she feels likie being nice to me today (so far at least. knock on wood). We had our twice a month Social Club meeting last night and I was sitting in the back of the room (as usual evn with not being able to hear very well) and they were talking about having a talent show and guess what I suggested we have?......come on you can guess...starts with talent.....I raised my hand and was recognized by the club Prez., and suggested we have a talent show! :Doh: I felt like such an idiot when she said that is what they were discussing. who knew? have an apt with the rehab Dr. on 4/16, maybe we'll get something going, an apt with my PCP on 4/17 don't expect to get much stroke help that day :wacko:, and see my pal the nuerologist (same one who said they thought I had been/was making all this up), on 4/20.


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