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Was thinking the other day, ya ya I'm deep ;-)



I was thinking about my stroke the other day, and how I wasn't really scared while it was happening. I know that's a strange thing to say but it's true. Sitting in my office at work having supper while my wife while the stroke onset was happening (and I wasn't scared) while I felt my body starting to shut down. I was thinking just how much this was going to scare Kathleen when I ask her to take me to the hospital ( she knows I hate hospitals). According to her I was quiet calm, wanting to lock up the building before I went. Thinking I'd be maybe a a few days or a week before I was back at work, little did I know it was going to completely change my life.


Even the ride to the hospital I remained calm, until the ER nurse told me to lay down before I fell down, "You're having a Stroke". It was only then I realized I was in trouble. The first year was a blur, rehab, rehab, rehab, now I help clean the apartment (sold the house ..just couldn't handle the constant up and down of two sets of stairs), help do laundry, go shopping, drive, and love my grand daughter Ava who I am so lucky to have in my life the last four years (yes she's 4).


Something I would never of thought happening is becoming addicted to online gaming. It's great for keeping your brain sharp, and great for dexterity. So if you play battlefield bad company 2, we may bump into each other ;-)


Remember " never give up ", you owe it to yourself.

Have a great summer.


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hey stu:


welcome back so you dumped us for your online gaming I see how it is :) I thought we were friends. lol. adversity is best teacher in learnimg life lessons.



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Hey Stu, you keep on coming back here, we need you on the sidelines as a cheerleader.   It is easy for the newbies to get disillusioned with the stroke journey and we need some of the old hands to stay on and act as mentors.  We may not be as exciting as online gaming but we can sure help support those who have had strokes wherever they might be.


Sue from Down Under.

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Hey Stu,


Long time since I seen you on the board, how are you doing these days?? Man we both have been here a long time... I'm doing pretty good no complaints on my recovery... I think I was working at walmart last time I talked with you when you posted the Eagle nest with the young ones in it...

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My husband was the same.    He had his stroke sitting on the couch, right after driving home from work.    I was in the bathroom getting ready to leave, and he was on the couch petting the dog.    I asked him was he scared when it happened, and he said, no, I said to our dog, 'she thinks we're going somewhere, but we're not', and  laughed.   I have heard this before, that people were calm, and often just wanted to go to bed.

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