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Coming up on my 10 Anniversary



Now I know I haven't been active here lately, sorry about that. We're getting ready to move in with the kids

for awhile, we're both downsizing then it's off to our new life in Pentiction BC, a trek of only 1300 miles with bag & baggage. The kids wanted us to move with them, not sure how living together 24/7 is going to work ( after all I'm pretty set in my ways).... lol

Just thought I'd bring you all up to speed.


Now the reason for this post... My 10 Anniversary is coming up June 22 nd. 2016 (2006-2016)


We may or may not have internet on my anniversary, hopefully we will, so I'm posting now.

Laying on that gurney in the hospital 10 years ago I thought my life was over, it's not! I hope all you newbies read this and get some hope, work hard and never give up, and you may be posting on your 10th. anniversary as well.


I wish all of you well and hope you all have a great summer.


Bye Bye for now




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hey Stu :


Thanks for updating your blog, congratulations on your 10 year anniversary & good luck with your upcoming move with your kids.  life post stroke is just different not good or bad just  different



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Hi Stu

Congratulations on the big 10.  Good luck with the move that going to be alot of hard work for you and your family

Take care and keep us posted on the move

Sally  (Wife of Stroker now I'm Host Sally LOL)

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Stu, great news, ten years is a mile stone.  Always good when one of our former bloggers updates.  As blog moderator I always wonder what happened to those who used to keep us updated with the latest happenings.  It is good to hear from you again.


Sue from Down Under.

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