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What a birthday present



I have to share. My realtor called and informed me my bid was accepted for a condo big enough for me.

It is right down the road from my parents. They are at 90 and this is 31. I was so happy this was a fast sale. i wasn't even looking then BAM. saw that and was shown the next day.The whole process took 2 weeks. ( It helped I was paying cash) It was a great surprise so I'll be on my own but close enough to my support system.

I've never lived on my own but it has two bedrooms so my youngest can visit and guests AKA ny oldest son


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conratulations kelli living close to your support system is huge blessings I also live just 2 houses down the road from my mom & brother. though we had bought it with different intentions but turned out to be huge blessing for all of us.



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I've got to manage somehow to do about the same thing for my daughter whom is now incarcerated but scheduled to be a free bird next January and wants to live close to me and my wife... Her mom, my first wife is deceased so we will try to give her a fresh start and get her SSI restarted letting her pay the lawyer and for the place to live while she look for a job to help support herself....


She has one son 30 years old and married in Japan with his family, wife and two small girls which she has never seen yet....

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Congratulations Kelli - great news. You are going to love it! A nice fresh start with your personal signature. Keep the updates coming.

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Wonderful news Kelli, hope you are very happy there.  Living on your own will be strange at first but you will get used to it. Wish you were here so I could give you a house warming party.

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