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in a blink of an eye



Ok so not to much to say other than since i've been divorced, I've spent more time at my ex husbands helping him with our son while he is at work. He leaves early for work,, even before the sun rises.. it's been 2 years that we've been separated and one year since divorce. Maybe it's because I've been up here so much that to me, in my mind, no time has passed. I have no concept of time. Like it's been 6+ years since my stroke but to me it's been moments. I put on a brave face and honestly I'm starting to become unraveled. Mainly to the time of year. i LOVE FALL but hate the darker days. This may be part of it. a part of me wants to slide back in to the routine.. it'll never happen. just venting..


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Kelli, being a widow I suffer from bouts of thinking about what might have been.  Of course I live in the same house, sleep in the same room, wake up to the same view out of the window.  Tomorrow will be three years since Ray passed but it could be just a few months as far as my brain is concerned. It is hard on your own to do comparisons as there is no-one to tell you if you are right or wrong.  I do understand your dilemma as you are going into your old house, looking after your son, nothing much is difference except that it is an illusion, it is no longer yours.  Just as married life is no longer mine.  (((hugs)))

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