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sad truth and what keeps me humble



so I was going over to my sink and it hit me :


I could never have afforded the place i'm in without having had a stroke and lawsuit.


I am completely in awe of everyone whom I've had the pleasure meeting here. I often feel disingenuous after reading the individual stories here mostly due to I see the daily challenges faced. I know a stroke is a stroke and we all have our own struggles and don't compare ourselves to others. I agree.. i just wanted to share my deepest sincerity when i say YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE REASON I CAN CONTINUE TO SURVIVE.


I am truly amazed by how you adapt and am thanking you for making me a better person.


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Kelli :


you wrote my feelings. I feel same way about my stroke ordeal. you know somehow my stroke brought so many positives in my life that I am actually grateful for it on most days except of course I m in pain or struggling with jar or can to open with one hand lol. I have met amazing people other wise I would have not met. you are on right path friend



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