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Stroke the gift that keeps on giving



An acquaintance suggested I see an opthamoligust because as a result of the stroke and my visual impairment I may be considered legally blind opening up opportunities for more services

Wow I thought applying for disability was a hard decision after working for 40 years

Now this! Tuesday marks 18 months for me as a survivor

Stating positive but what a choice to make another challenge

Emotionally and mentally

I'm going to call around Monday to see if any one accepts my medicaid

All things considered I'm still doing good

Back to the inpatient rehab tomorrow

Must stay upbeat for my new friends

I may be able to get adaptive equipment to assist me with reading and writing

Pray for me to make the right choice

Peace and prayers to all



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When I took Bob to an opthal.  he merely said his vision was fine.    See.... they measure how well you see the chart, it has nothing to do with if you are missing 60% of your vision.   You didn't mention what your visual problems are.  

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Jay, the stroke journey seems to be all about accepting change and adjusting or that is the way it was for Ray and me in our journey as survivor and caregiver.  You seem to be able to adapt to the changes in your life so I am sure you will to this new one too.

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