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Clean Bill of Health



blog-0131015001431961122.jpgMy follow-up visit to the Dr. resulted in a clean bill of health. I wouldn't have returned except they refused to give me the lab results over the phone, insisting that I had to meet with the Dr. to get them. As far as I could tell this was just an excuse to collect another co-pay and bilk insurance out of more money. A few levels were slightly above or below the normal range, but nothing to be concerned about, so not really sure why I had to meet with the Dr. I did inform her that I am on the nutrisystem program and back to swimming several times a week, so I expect cholesterol levels and bp to lower as I drop the pounds......the lower the better, I guess.


Starting into week five of the weight loss program, I'm down 18 lbs. and still going strong. I love the energy shakes and the craving crushers help to keep me from munching on junk food. I had to make some changes to the food items as too much chocolate or cheese items were causing constipation, and we all know if you can't go, you can't lose weight. lol I switched out as much of the chocolate as I could in the shakes and dessert categories, and gave some of the leftover from the first month to my son. I'm not sure they're doing him much good when he uses them with ice cream or other junk food.


Dan closes on his house the end of this month and our other son, Joel, will come over that last weekend in May to help him move. They both have trucks, so hopefully they can get it all moved in a couple of trips - especially since his new home is only about 4 miles from us. I can't wait to get that room he's been living in fumigated, painted and ready for a guest room for when visitors come. :) I'm sending a few older pieces of furniture with him since he really only has his bedroom stuff, and am looking forward to shopping for a new recliner and sofa for the front room. I may even pull the carpet in that room and put down wood floors - especially since we have so much dust here in AZ, which doesn't help during allergy season.


Gary is doing well and loving getting his daily outings with his caregiver, Kelly. After she gets him showered and fed, she cleans up a bit here and off they go to the clubhouse to shoot some pool, or maybe she will push him around the park in his wheelchair so they can greet other residents as they go. I often hear from others in the park, that they saw Gary earlier in the day with his caregiver doing their walk. He really enjoys the interaction with others even if it's just a wave and a hello from them. Saturday morning, I got him out on the deck for his pancake breakfast and afterwards I cut his hair, so he's all ready for the sizzlin' summer heat! :)




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Sarah :


congratulations on loosing so much weight. Gary is looking great in this picture looking happy. I am glad he is enjoying his outing with his caregiver. as a human being we all want to be seen & acknowledged. glad his caregiver is giving that to him. 



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Sarah, you are doing really well, the weight loss is terrific.  I can't lose that much so I am content with what I have lost and will try to do more exercise when I can fit it in.  Glad you worked out what is possible for you to do to achieve it.  Gary does look good.  He and Kelly seem to make a good team and you get the health benefits from time out and time off duty.

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Glad to hear your appt went so well!   Wow, it sounds like his caregiver really has it together!   I've heard so many stories about helpers that didn't turn out well, it's good to see that it can work out good.

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Guest lwisman


My insurance allows me to do blood work before going to the doctor. She, of course, orders it before my appointment. That way when I go to her she has already seen my blood work. Also the hospital system I am in sent out a notice that as of June 1 you can get your blood results online. Check with your doctor/insurance to see what is possible. Having the blood work ahead of time really helps. 

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Good for you Sarah.  AZ is turning out to be good for both you and Gary.


I just found out I had trouble refilling a medication as the doctor's office said I have not been in lately for a physical.  I called and stated I had a spouse in the hospital and SNF and I did see the doctor one time last year for my cholesterol blood work, etc.  The nurse made an appointment but it is for August 25th as the doctor is now booked up until then.  Why didn't they call and ask me earlier??  It is frustrating.



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