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shopping with visual impairnent



My sister in law asked me to go grocery shopping with her to walmmart

I never go there too big and crowded

I found the items she requested and joy of all joys I didn't run my cart into anyone I came close a few times but I saw them at thee last second and move away

I'm proud of myself


Another victory that only you folks can appreciate

Thanks for being here for me life is good

Peace and prayers



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That's a great deal in any Walmart with that many people in the store all times of the day or night... I try to go only when I really need to go... I use my scooter but just got my right hand to use while my left side is paralyzed so many times I got to turn around to grab things off the shelves with my right hand and not drop it...


In 2006 through 2009 I worked at Walmart as a greeter on my scooter but don't think I could do it again in my present condition of barely walking....

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Jay, you did well.  I've seen people riding a scooter ans shopping alone, sometimes I can reach something they can't and hand it to them.  People are just people and I like to help.

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Jay I ran the scooter cart into another grocery cart and knocked it over!  Thankfully it was the one my daughter was using!  Security came!  I had meant to back up and instead I went forward and whammo.  I get dizzy and it is hard for me to be in a place with so much stimuli but I still like to go there anyway.  It is really nice to pick out my own stuff too.


Well you did well my friend and I hope you had fun!  don't worry about whatever happens because you will still be ok no matter what. You are brave going out there and joining the world of people out and about!   Who knows, your smile to someone may make someone's day!  Congrats on an important outing !  Take care.


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At least it was your daughter

I'm sure it was still embarrassing once I ran my cart into an older lady I apologized and briefly explained about my stroke and vision issues and the lady said " oh honey I'm not hurt you just take care of yourself" how wonderful it could have gone really bad

I do love being a part if my community

I feel more comfortable at a smaller store with fewer people

Peace be well my friend


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