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Hard work pays off



I encountered a friend I haven't seen in iver 2 year long before my stroke

After chatting about family I couldn't recall his wife's name

I said you know I had a stroke 18 months ago

He said I knew you had the stroke but I was thinking it was 3/4 years ago you look so good

As you know the residuals impact of a stroke are hidden I.e.memory issues weakness on one side

But what a kind thing to say 18months is still early in my recovery but he was impressed with my mobility etc

Life is grand

Peace and prayers to all of you



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Jay you are such a bright shining joy to be around. your positive attitude is empowering. thanks for sharing yourself with us dearest heart.  Yes our disabilities are hidden so others often dont know our struggles. I am so glad you are impressing them Jay  keep on!

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It is great that you are doing so well Jay!   Yes, there are those things that still escape us... even those of us who haven't had a stroke!   Durn I've been a complete dimwit all week, groping for words.   On the other hand, Bob is greatly improving with his speech in this 3 year since his stroke!    


It really is early, you will keep improving, too!    Even those on the path for many years still can improve!

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Hey sassy besty

Thank you for the wonderful comments I live to inspire and offer hope to other

Your beautiful words brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye

Tears of joy of course thank you for sharing

Bless you be well NY friend


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