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The Rain Is Taking A Break I Think? The Ant Are On The Move!!



For now we got clear skies all around and no rain... We have had many drownings in many cities in Texas especially Houston... There are many waterways all over Texas and many of the people just don't pay attention and still try to drive through the water and get swept away down stream... Many of the deaths and drownings came from the people trying to force the issue of crossing low and high water crossings instead of turning around and don't drown...


Maybe I'll get to go outside for a change later this week... My back yard is full of tall grass and the yard man says he will get it cut down today and haul it away.... Then I can go out back and inspect for ant nest and piles of ant trying to make new homes in my yard... Ants are really smart but I try to stay one step ahead of them using the best in ant repellent to their new homes... So far I been winning the battle on where they choose to live...


I can't let the little dog get off my scooter because she doesn't know about the ant and their nest along the sidewalks... I leave her in the garage when I sprinkle the ant powder on the nests... I imagine it will take a few more dusting's to kill all the piles in my yard front back and sides...


This area was grazing land for cattle before it was sold to create a sub division for new home building some 15 years ago... More and more soldiers are retiring in this area after their tours in Afghanistan and Iraq are completed... Many more of them stayed here after their tours in Vietnam back in the 70's... I think my grand son and his family will return here once he is ready to leave Japan... We have all the shopping, schools and military hospitals and facilities retirees need to stretch their dollars...


This is the largest military base in the US....


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Fred, ants are a problem the world over.  I remember my Mum running outside with a saucepan full of hot water and giving them a hot   Less chemicals used in the old days. So sad so many lost their lives in the Texas floods, people are too impatient to wait and so go into danger without thinking what they are doing. It makes no sense to me risking losing your life to save time.  

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I agree with you and even the slogans don't work in many cases like "Turn around don't drown!" "A car or truck is not a boat and will not float."

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Guest lwisman




I have seen the pix from the flooding in Texas. Glad to hear you are ok.


We have ants in our kitchen. Usually I have them once a year in my office. They are drawn by the cat food. The trick there is being sure all the food is in the cat dish. And if they do get into the food, throw it out and wash the dish! 


The ants in the kitchen are tiny. Yesterday they were on the clean (but a little wet) cutting board. Yuck! I need to put out ant traps. We have some on hand. The good news is that they move out of the house when it gets warmer. I have not seen any in out yard. Hmm...


Take care,


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