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Vacation Time Is Here



Time seems to be moving fast, the kids are out or getting out of school, in most cities across the country and my wife is ready to make it to the casino again but this time just her and I.... I'm thinking she wants to make the trip back home to New Orleans so she can visit her sisters and brothers there while having a big casino to hang out and do some gambling, her favorite past time...


Well the trip will be by car not like going to Vegas by air and using those shuttle buses to get around town like we did that one time ... It's time for her to visit family again because my Christmas time they all come to see us in Texas for a couple of weeks.... A change of scenery and weather conditions will do us good and get her out the bank for a few days too... Our little grand daughter has been out of school for a week already so she keeps me and her little dog company all day long....


I'm hoping the gas doesn't get much higher than it is now but it probably will with so many people traveling all across the country by car... Well this vacation will be good for me to start back using my left side again which is hard to do with it being paralyzed too... I'm glad I got my scooter and can drive anywhere so I don't have to wait on people taking me certain places...


I should be finished with all my therapy and the lady coming to my house for sessions by this time next month... It gets tiring after a while to me because some mornings I want to stay in bed and get my rest... The days are longer in the summer time to me and I hate getting up real early in the mornings anyway...


All the best to the members here and I'm sure many of you will be getting out of town and going different places while the kids are on summer break from school....


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Hi Fred, have a wonderful time with your wife. Vegas is on my bucket list, but I am planing to go too

London. Got to see my Parents. My grand kids do not get off school till this Friday. They are going on a plan trip with their Mom, would love to take them to England, but the fare is too high. Need to win the




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Hi Fred - It sounds as though you are making some fun plans!! About the getting up and going thing in the morning...I am the same way! It seems it doesn't take long to get in the habit of leisurely mornings! I got in the habit when Bill was ill. He was never one to enjoy jumping out of bed early anyway. So, when he got ill I just adapted. Now I'm doing some transporting of folks to medical appointments and am forced (if I want to work!) to get up and going some mornings! WOW - what a shock!!! I feel for ya'! I know you'll be happy to be back on YOUR schedule!

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