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I'm Thinking "Go On A Trip??" With My Family Members!!



Why am I thinking go on a trip???? Well to start with it will be a change of scenery then mixing with other people on vacations and enjoying being with the whole family and relatives too when we get to their locations... Sitting at home day after day can get old real quick and make you feel like you are missing something... Getting out and about gives you more challenges in your ability to get about and be among other people and activities of your choice...


Since I use a scooter as does many people these days, especially disabled veterans, I think I will feel good where ever we travel and perhaps New Orleans will be our first among family members... A casino will be in the forecast as well and of course some shopping by my wife in many stores she loves to go shopping to see what's new she may have missed...


I just don't see myself as a stay at home person day after day doing the same ole routines so getting out enjoying the summer is a great idea to me and it's free for the most part... I don't plan on going to any baseball games or doing any tailgating at functions... With the rain and rivers, streams, and neighborhoods flooding I don't plan on visiting any low lying areas either... Well for that matter I don't plan on any mountain areas either nor wildlife areas to get attacked by animals...


Me going on a trip with family means they will go see different places and do different things they all enjoy so I will probably be sitting around watching the basketball final games and more baseball on the TV... Speaking of baseball, a lady got hit with a broken bat and is in critical condition with a life threatening injury...


Therefore, I'm just in the thinking stage of a planned trip to really let my wife enjoy time away from her job at the bank... She needs a break I'm thinking probably more than me.... With all my in home services coming to a halt soon I just want to get out and about among people again doing things I can't do at home....


Before my stroke we used to have Poker nights at each others house, taking turns, and that was interesting and many times I WON a few dollars.... I remember so well the stroke found me and that changed life for me for good the next day at noon.... Let's all enjoy life while we can!!!


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Good for you Fred, get out and about while you can.  Family holidays sound like fun and you can get a kick out of being with people you love. You can support your wife while she is having fun. Women and shopping eh?

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Yea, we are hoping for a good time and no mishaps to pop up but on the other hand we are very conservative for the most part of any trip we take....

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