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Not missing the rat race just the people



In front of my favorite coffee house are two rocking chairs I love to grab a cup of really good coffee and watch the rats go by each an individual in their own car

I was once one of those rats

I rather enjoy soaking up the sun and vitamin D

The subtle noises interrupted only by birds cherrping and a flock of Canadian geese headed north

I do miss the people

My vo worker and the developmentally disabled people we supported in the community

Now I'm helping stroke survivors on their journey

Peace to all



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jay :


lol its funny how we were one of those rats & now thanks to stroke enjoy  life instead of rushing through it. I feel volunteering gives same satisfaction in life.



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Jay - and who better to help stroke survivors than one who's life work has been helping the less fortunate of this world! Thanks for your dedication - by the way, I love that good coffee too! I call my favorite Starbucks my "Cheers" since everybody knows me when I walk in!! *wink*

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I told the owner I go there for NY social outlet

They roast the beans and grind them as needed

It is like cheers

Of course now I have my new friends at the hospital

I love giving back


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