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Still positive



Last week I had an eye exam from an ophthalmologist, I finally got the results today I had to return for additional feilf vision tests

20/30 and 20/25 but substantial impairment of my perefferual vision limited to 29 degrees to the right and non existence to the left

I meet the criteria for legal blindness.

I now need to contact the commission for the blind to determine what services I nay ve able to get


Also sending a copy of letter to SSA DD

Not sure if it will help or not but I am legally blind

Still positive because at least I am here to complain even a little bit

Our positive energy is perpetuated through the cosmos like dropping a rock in a pool if what it lives on forever



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Jay, all I can say or add is you and me, we have to stay positive that we can get better little by little...  I had lens put in both eyes by the VA so no glasses needed anymore but regular reading glasses I need to see and read small print and writings and I still got my driving license although they took my motorcycle license because of my balance and can only use my right hand...


For operation of a two wheel motor vehicle in Texas you must have use of both hands and legs and of course I'm paralyzed on my left side but one hand on the steering wheel is all I need... I did add a steering wheel knob to make it easier to turn with one hand on the wheel...


So perhaps your driving days are gone but you can still see to some degree around the house and in the yard when you are outside... All the best in whatever adjustments you have to make in the house...

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