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Today is one of those ( amazing) days



Keep despair ( depression) at bay

look at life with the bail lifted

don't focus on the things you've lost things you can no longer do concentrate on what you can do

look at life through a new set of eyes

this morning I noticed the way the wind blowing through the trees as if to say good morning then sitting on a bench

for the bus two squirrels chasing each other don't notice me pass within inches of my feet seen only as an obstacle to be avoided not a human to be

Feared one with nature


mywriting eases my fears of the future

your comments give me strength and encouragement

We were meant to meet this way

I a so blessed to have friends like you


Peace love and prayers



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I love your blogs they give me strength & ofcourse inspires me. No wonder I have been blog junkie for past 11 yw=ears.



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I am humbled and inspired.

Humbled that my word strike a chord for you.

Inspired for the same reason.

How cool is that I encourage you with my writing and your comments in turn inspire me to write more.

A continuous circle. As it should be

Thanks for the comments.


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