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You can't get blood from a turnip...



I spent an hour trying to write up a $100 order. The cmpany says, write an order every time. What if they don't need anything? The store (a grocery chain) is laying off 22,500 employees. It's part of the Chapter 11 reorganization plan. Do they need someone to force items on them that they not only don't need but can't really afford? Guess though, if the company doesn't get sales, they will also go belly up. And I guess in the end it is the public who pays by paying higher prices. I get sticker shock every time I go to the store. Things were better in years gone by. Salaries weren't as high but you didn't need as much. Remember when you could go to a fast food restaurant and not have to spend over $5.00 for a burger fries and shake? Remember when you could get a whole bag of groceries for a few bucks? Remember when a father could take his kids to a ball game and they could get hotdogs and peanuts and not need to practically mortgage the house? Not anymore. sad.gif


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