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Why do people lie?



Whether you have a stroke, are a woman, are elderly or for whatever reason, why do people lie? It bugs me. I had a woman say, she didn't send a certain paper to be signed that was blank, someone at the machine did it. It was sent by her boss. It was sent in a package that she sent in a brown envelope with her home address sticker on it! Just how stupid do people think others are? Haven't they heard that there are people who keep copies, records etc. Because I am a woman and old (she doesn't know that there is even a stroke involved) she doesn't think I have a brain. Sorry lady, it my be scarred but it's there and working. Now if I could only be a fly on the wall when I inform her of the truth. It's all saved in my computer to be copied and pasted GRR


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yeah, i've taken to telling people "just cause i'm brain damaged, doesn't mean i'm brain damaged" a lot - love the looks on their faces trying to make sense of it

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I've met some real characters in the last few years that cause me to think "and I'm the one who's suppose to missing some brain cells and they're functioning at 100%?",uhhhhhh

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