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Security? Not with the internet



About 5 years ago, everyone and his brother were selling shredding machines. No longer did you need to be GM or Microsoft to shred your documents. People felt that with identify theft, this was the way to go,


This is just a spit in the ocean when it comes to your private security. I had no contact with Dell until I was living in Central Florida for a year and a half, yet when I decided to open an account, I was connected to a special operator who said he would ask me 2 or 3 multiple choice questions that would prove who I was.. I remember two. One was what make car did I once own and among the choices was the right one; the other was where did I once live and sure enough, the place was included in the group. How could they possibly know so quickly?


Another thing - your social security number was supposed to be sacred. It was something that only the government and places such as banks could ask for and receive, Now, almost every one asks for your social security number. Oh they say that it is held in security etc. and show that little lock. Hogwash, I say.


And the worst, for a few bucks, you can belong to an internet group that will give all types of information on you. So with the internet, what happened to our security? uhm.gif



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This is a worry of mine. when in hosp for this, my techsavvy hubbie who uses the internet for his business dealings signed our bank account up to do bank recs by computer, while this is "convenient' is makes me uneasy..... blush.gif

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we have little security and privacy anymore. i believe that the government monitors our email, phone calls, etc., and wouldn't be surprised if they had little cameras in television sets.



paranoia self destorya


kim Argh.gif

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