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Unconditional love



Where do you find unconditional love? No, caregiver comes close but that is not it; mother/child relationship? No, ever heard the word "if" If you eat your spinach, you can have dessert. Unconditional love is love with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. There is only 1 place and one answer. Your dog. You can scold all you want for things he/she did, and the dog will come and give you a kiss. True a dog's mind must function differently and I don't know how this would be checked. Sure if you didn't feed the animal you probably wouldn't get kisses, but, can you think of any creature that can do any better? Would love hearing your suggestions. I've often be at groups where this was discussed and dog was the only thing that came up. New Age thoughts.....what can you expect.


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I have 5 dogs, each one has their own personality and we truly love theri antics and interactions, they have truly helped with my recovery, when you have 5 dogs, you have to try to use 2 hands to pet....

one of mine kept getting under my useless hand and nugging it and getting his head under it...pet me....now if that isn't help....

one of my others walked beside me outside and occasionaly had to lean on her..she seemed to understand mom needs help. They are truly a great gift. Bonnie

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Guest lwisman


I am forever amazed at how my cat knows when it is appropriate to rub my legs (re: under my feet) and when it's not. She never gets in my way so I can trip over her. She's also great when I'm not feeling well. Comes to me to give comfort.


Animals are great!! biggrin.gif

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I agree with all that has been said. Petey the Pom freely gives kisses after hes snacked in the catbox, he knows that is a big no-no, but he gives himself away big time, everytime.


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