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Another new friend



I talked about the good transportation system we have, I live in the township that offers dial a ride service, the bus picks you up at your designated address and takes you to a transfer location where you can meet up with the main line buses.

I was on my way home this afternoon i wason the dial a ride bus and the dispatcher called and gave additional pickups for the bus driver. The only problem was the bus driver is new to the area and was unsure of one of the addresses I told her I knew exactly where it was she said great you're going to be my navigator. After we pick the person up I got the driver back out of that specific subdivision and asked if she was all set and she said yes. So I explained she was a new driver and was unsure of where the address was and that's why I was helping. The woman that we picked up said I'm really bad at giving me any directions I had an 2 aneurysms that ruptured 3 years ago of course I seize the opportunity and I said I had an aneurysm that ruptured 19 months. I said my short term memory is really bad she said I know don't ask me what I had for dinner last night but you want to talk about something happen 4 years ago I can remember that.

She then said that as a result of the aneurysm she's lost her vision to the left side in both eyes that's why she travels by bus she's unable to drive and I said oh my god I know exactly what you mean I told her about my visual impairment and she said she is always bumping into things and and I said it was just so good to meet somebody who really does get it. We laughed about our situations again nothing funny about a stroke or anyeurism, but if you don't fund some humor life is really hard.

Another new friendship forgef. I suggested this website and she made note of it. I hope she joins us.


Peace love and prayers,


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I know that lady appreciated you knowing about that neighborhood to give her directions, I know I would have....

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