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"One with Nature,( well most of it antway).



My sister in law who is staying with us temporarily decided to rescue a kitten she brought into the house Tuesday for the first time after spending the weekend at the VET the first time I walked in the house little buggers scampered off is afraid of me he quickly warmed up to me and continue to climb all over me including while I was sleeping with me every time I shifted during the night his claws dug into my back or my stomach

Wednesday evening I was sitting out at the picnic table watching Freighters cruise north and south on Lake Huron I heard some noise in the tree above me and all of a sudden acorns began falling to the ground, one hit me in the head, Mr. Squirrel I'm assuming the one that was mad at me the other day for disturbing him was bombing me with acorns I decided enough is enough I'm going in the house he won that battle.

What a blessing to be alive and able to experience an angry squirrel taking revenge for no reason at all. I don't know what I've done to bother him other than just my presence but if he would just try to get to know me, we would be great friends.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can try to make nice with Mr angry squirrel? I’m open to suggestions.

I love to share this with you.


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