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wow what a day!



I have two stories already today:

While waiting for the bus this morning. I heard some wrestling from the same busheswhere the squeiral came out the otherday to yell at me. Today it wasawas a baby rabbit, thatscampered out and stopped about 10 feet away, in a nice patch of sweet clover. Still wet from the morning dew and rains overnight. he sat contented eating, not looking at me directly, but watching my every move with his perpheral vision; I recall when I could do the same ( with a bit of self pitty) , at my loss of vision. then i snapped out of it; because i can stillseecan't allow the self pitty to win,not even for 5 mibnutes.

it was so neat to see this bunny watching me as he ate his breakfast, nature is so beautiful.


then while enjoying a cup of coffee at my hangout; they haverocking chairs out front, prime viewing area. I hear a truck pull up and then, I notice someone standing in front of me. he said"jay?" i looked and sawa man that worked for me 8 years ago. and i recalled his name. as we chatted he said, I've always said " you were the best boss I ever had"

what a great thing to hear after a breif bout of self pitty.


He recalled a story one day while we worked together, he said I recall you coming in the shop and I said, I'd do your job for aquarter of what you make", I pulled a quarter out my pocket and said "it's yours". we laughed again today as we did that day some 10 years ago.



then herecalled the day I was let go, I stopped by the shop andsaid,"well Kevin It's been good working with you", he replied" Why are you firing me? Again we laughed hard today. weexchanged phone numbers and promised to stay in touch.


As he got ready to leave he gave me a hug. How sweet is this day. self pitty has no room in my life.I thanked god for such beauty a baby bunny and a former employee singing my praises both put a smile on my face. I am so blessed to be here and able to share this with you.


peace, love and prayers




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jay :


you have such a great attitude towards life. with attitude like that I am sure you are going to have wonderful post stroke life. 



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It's good to run into old friends and have them tell you their feelings and the sad news that others you knew has passed on.... 

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Thanks asha, I love you comments a good healthy attitude is a lot like pt or or speech. It takes work, some days are easier then itgers, your comments sustain me


Peace, live prayers,


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