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Sightly amusing anicdotes



I have worked for a casual dining restaurant for 13 years now. Thought I'd share a few amusimg stories from when I was a server.


We have an entree that is cooked and served in a buttered parchment bag. I always offer to open the bag for the guest when I served it. This guest declined. I checked on them periodically, but I hadn't noticed until I went to remove their plates that the gentleman had eaten his bag too! I didn't want to embarrass him, so I didn't say anything, besides, everyone can use a little more fiber in their diet!


I had a party of five sitting in a corner booth that consisted of mom, grandma, and three small children. I had begun to take the orders down the row when I turned to face the youngest, who was second from the end. When I turned to talk to him (I always tried to address the kids too, not just parents) he was standing in the booth with a crayon hanging out of each nostril. I never saved crayons to be reused agian.


and lastly for today...

I had just finished waiting on a table of two couples who had been giving me a hard time (in a fun way) all night. When they had settled their bill, the man who was the ring leader told me to wait, he needed to give me my tip. He reached in his pocket and started to jingle some change when I told him "Sir, please don't give me anything out of your pants as a tip." His wife laughed so hard I thought she'd hyperventalate. Maybe it's because she KNOWS what he has in his pants?


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that is so funny!!!!! i managed a family restaurant for 5 years and also worked in others through high school and college, so i am WELL aware of your anecdotes!!!!! have you ever noticed when you ask people if they would like a dessert that they ALWAYS LAUGH!!!!! lol_2.gif it is NOT a funny question.


and another "bubble i LOVED to burst"


when a woman wants EVERYONE to know she is "dieting" ALL OTHER GUESTS AT THE TABLE HAVE ORDERED REGULAR LUNCHES AND SHE IS THE " HOLD UP" on and on about the "diet". THEN she will order a chef salad. OUR chefs are enough for two people, containing cheese, eggs, 6 oz of bbq meat, etc, and to top it off, she will order BLUE CHEESE, OR THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING, AND ALWAYS AN EXTRA ONE.


she's REAL proud of herself, enter kim. "mam, i couln't help but hear you mention you are on a diet. what you just orderded has more sugar, fat and calories than anything your party has ordered, thought you should know that" ( pretending to be nice, lol) that was my favorite bubble buster.


ya know, there are HUNDREDS of funny stories when dealing with the public, thanks for helping me remember some!!!!!



kim Cheers.gif

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Kim reminded me of the diet stories.


I worked 3 years at an A&W / Long John Silvers. I used to wonder about the people who would order the fish basket (2 fish, large fries, and 2 huspuppies all cooked in greese) with 2 fish added and an extra order of hushpuppies, and to drink a diet coke.... is that diet coke really going to matter?!?



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oh yeah,

and what about when you ask a patron" what would you like to drink"? and they say, "OH NOTHING, JUST WATER"



SINCE WHEN WAS WATER A SOLID?????????????????????????? roflmao.gif




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When I waitressed, I always laughed to myself when the woman who had a diet coke with her broiled sole, no butter cause of the diet thing, would then talk someone into sharing Cheesecake or Rice Pudding with extra whip cream!!!!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


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Hey, Hey, Hey all you former waitresses!!!!


I'm one of those people who would order the bacon cheesburger with a diet coke or split a strawberry shortcake with Don, but have water to cut a few calories out of my day. It's called choices and cutting down from what we'd normally do. Thos bottomless Coke glasses they give you in restaurants can add a lot of useless calories to your daily calorie count, especially if you eat out twice a day the way Don and I used to do.





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