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another AHA moment in life



As I am getting older & going through my own life experiences learning valuable lessons of life which elders tell you but you never pay attention thinking oh what do they know. Well today understand better. While growing up in India in middle class family youngest of four children. We were not very rich people but our parents gave us enough. Every one played their role in life dad played role of breadwinner for family & mom raised us with very strict upbringing. l I always had hand me down books & clothes to wear, lot of emphasis was put on studies. did not have lot of material things growing up, though I always felt I had to fight for things I wanted in life.I always thought I will never have kids if I can't afford to give them every thing.now that I have grown up & have only child & fortunately can give him everything he wants, but realizing not having enough money can not spoil kids but giving them lot of money without accountability can spoil kids. ofcourse hubby & I keep tight supervision on where and how he spends money on, so much that he thinks we are cheap. but we really don't care. we want him to learn good values in life. hopefully he will pass on same values to his own children when he will understand that whatever we were doing was in his best interest.




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What a great story I'm sure your son will thank you and your husband someday for the values you have instilled in him


Your childhood sounds like mine. My parents provided for the three boys

I always thought we errrmidflr class. When I went away to college a hatsh reality hit me er were most likely upper lower class or lower middle.


Still the values my parents have us have passed on to the next henerstion, as I watch my children rsisr their children.


Peace,love and prayers,


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You learned a lot as a youngster like I did coming from a very large family and being the last born of 18 kids but only 12 lived past 3 months from birth... Being very poor I learned so much about living and surviving by getting an education first then having a job for income....


I can say I never knew much about selecting a wife when I got married at 18 after school and joining the Army... 

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