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An amazing weekend



Super busy doing the family thing having loads of fun I'll update tomorrow

I miss my blog and all of your comments

Peace love and prayers



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jay :


we miss you too, enjoy your holidays with your family, will be waiting for fun stories when you return



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As promised, an update from my amazing weekend.


it began when I took the bus home after my volunteer work at the hospital.

The bus dropps me off about an 1/8 of a mile from my house.  As I began walking down our street i heard a voice say "





ay is that you?  It was  the woman that owns the cottage at the end of our road, she came running upto me and gave me a big hug.  I have not seen her since I had my stroke.  with tears in her eyes she said, I can't believe how good you look, it's wonderful to see you walking so well.  I'm so glad you're okay"!


I graciously told her all things considered I'm doing really good.  Of course I was fighting back my own tears.  she wouldn't let go of me so I could continue my way home. she just kept kissing me and expressing her gratitude that I not only survived, but I'm doing so well.what a humbling experience.


Later that evening, being a holiday weekend, many of our neices and nephews came to our house.  my daughter and son in law from Chicage made into town, my son anf girlfriend from Pittsburgh also made it to town.

all the "Cousins"usually congrgate at our house must be because we are the cool aunt and ubcle (that's my story anyway).

lots of stories anf family jokes. Again I find myself humbledby the blessings god gives me as a survivor and I am truely thankful for every day that I get.

Saturday morning, I woke up to find my nephew sleeping on the couch, nothing unusual at my house.  Once hewoke up we shared coffee and a great conversation for at least 3 hours.  He is a recovering alcoholic, we discuss the parallels in our journeys of recovery.  We talked avout the need to move forward one day at a time and sometimes one hour or even one minute at a time.  We discussed my volunteer work with Stroke survivors, he said, " you've inspired me to domore with fellow alcoholics,maybe Ill get ahold of the rehab place to work with alcoholics.  because nobody "gets it' like someone that's been there  (how true).

This was the first time we have had a lenghtly meaningful talk.  It was amazing.

Thank God for familyand friends.  I hope he does well with his volunteer work.

afterall "sometimes the best help a person can get is helping someone else."


Saturday was a beach day at our house.  there were 10 kids under the age of 7.  How sweet to see them having somuch fub playing in ther lake.


Saturday evening brought more outof town guest.  A couple came to town for the Sunday party.  Sunday wasa baby shower for my oldest daughter expecting her first child in September.

As i chatted with Dave, of course I talk about me and my journey.  I told him about my future opportunity to "talk " with nursing students through the local community college. I said how coolis that I love to talk and I love to tell my story.  He said "great take a weakness and make it a strength".  I don't see it as a weakness.  Anyway what better way to "pay it forward", then talking to future nurses.   


Peace, Love and Prayers,  more to come I'm making mistakes need totake a break,



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Weekend Part 2

Sunday was the girl party (AKA the baby shower)

my role was to move our vehicle to the designated parking area and direct the parking of the guest.  we live at the end of a deadend street with limited parking.

so I was the welcoming committee.

I encountrered one friend who hugged me and said" I can't believe how good you are doing, The last time I saw you, youlooked lost just starring off in space trying to figure out where you were or what was going on", I believe when I last saw her, I was  whalling in self pitty, early on in my journey, very depressed.  before I realized I easn't the only one.  I have come a long way, thank god.


the next friend that showed up, just started complaining about heraches and pains.  then she said, "i can't belive I'm complaining to you, after all you've been threough".  I said,I can still listen", she responded, I love your positive attitude you are doing great".

through it all I still careabout others and if I cab be a sounding board for a friend I want to be there.

I thank god I can still do that.



the day was great the weather was beautiful everyone had a great time.


my daughter with the one year old planned the party and did all the decorations it was beautiful and very creative, of course my wife took full credit for passing on the creative nature to our daughter.


her one year was dropped off at the house after the party was concluded, I watched as he did the frankenstein walk to the dessert table andwas grabbing the plates with cake, of course grandpa just laughed, I did save one piece of cake for myself.


what a joy, I am so thankful thatI am here to experience these little things


peace, love and prayers



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It sounds like a great time was had by you and all the others in your company which sounds like you enjoyed very much... Cheers to you!!!!


We were out of town to celebrate birthdays of my wife, her sister and brother, all had birthdays in July so we all had a great time in New Orleans seeing all the children, grand children and some great grands too running around the yard enjoying themselves....


I just sat on my scooter, riding around in the back yard full of people with music blasting and food galore... Card games, dominoes and even dice games on the table with a railing to keep the dice on the table...


You would think they had a casino in the back yard with all the dancing and eating crab, craw fish, and having a grand time to celebrate the three birthdays... Today I'm resting up a bit...

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Fking,it sounds like you had an amazing weekend too. What a blessing that are here to celebrate with family. Who could ask for more family,food kids and music

Be well my friend

Peace, live and prayers


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