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Random thoughts



Any day I can wake up and stand upIs a great day.


I find it interesting when the sun is shining and it’s 80 degrees, people proclaim it’s a beautiful day; I find every day beautiful.

In a bizarre way my stroke was a blessing, an awakening of a spiritual nature.


Life post stroke is like a Karmic reincarnation; only in the same life. Better learn those lessons this time around.

I am humbled by the love and support from my friends I’ve never met face to face and know only as a name /profile on a computer screen.

My life goals:

Make the world a better place one person at a time

Offer hope to survivor’s family.

Be an inspiration to survivors

Offer hope and encouragement to others.

I thank god every day and pray that I can meet these goals in my life time.


Peace, ove And Prayers,



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jay :


I would love to meet you. I feel you are like my twin brother from different mother. We both think so alike that it is funny & scary lol. Though you have better life goals than mine. I am more selfish that way. I just want to live & make best out of that day by enjoying every moment given to me.



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Thanks Asha (sis), I have to admit, In laughed out loud with your thought that it's scary how much we think alike.  I am humubled and honored to call you my twin, I too would love to meet you.If It's meant to be god will make it happen.



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