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Outpatient visit



You may recall my frustration when I missed my friend last time, I checked to see when she would be done with therapy then set an alarm on my phone. (You see Asha I learned from my mistake.) I use my phone alarm for many reminders.

I saw her and her mother

They both smiled huge grins when they saw me.

She gave me a high five with her bad hand and I of course made a big deal out that as well.

Mom said how great I appeared to be doing.

My friend is still gaining mobility and function of her right arm and hand.

It was so good to see her and encourage her on her journey, I see so much progress

I told her it all takes time and hard work and she smiled and said I know you did it so can I.

She did not survive a Stroke, but still has the same physical, psychological and emotional challenges as all of us, but she suffered an auto accident and has a closed head injury. (Didn’t we all, only thing is ours was not caused by outside factors.)

Peace, love and prayers.

I pray for her every day, just as I pray for all of you every day.




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