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Bob Has A New Hobby :)



Bob had his 3rd year stroke surv anniversary in Feb/Mar (feb 29, only exist some years, so other yeas it's March 1 !) This year has brought some growth, and that's all good. He started wanting to do a hobby and we talked about cross stitch, since we had both bought kits yehttps://www.facebook.com/mainlycrochet?_rdr=pars ago, while on vacation. His were more like historical ones, while mine were like cutesy animal ones, ha, ha. The biggest problem with that is not being able to hold the hoop with one hand. I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at hoops... but the more I looked at them, and thought thru the process, the more I thought about the cross stitch process and saw things that would just keep coming up, as a problem. So, I began to study the problem of one hand, as I moved thru the store.


I came up the 'sketching' supplies, and realized you only needed SOME vision and one hand, and he had enough cognition that he could follow the pics. I called him and told him, "I've found your new hobby! At first, you'll be surprised and maybe not want to try it, but I know you can do this - it only takes vision and one hand!" So he said he wouldn't refuse to try it, no matter what it was, and would wait to see it (I was keeping it a secret, so he wouldn't have time to turn on it before I got home with it!) He has never sketched or drawn before, so it was a totally new thing. Here is his beginning at sketching! (he was still working on the owl):DSC00220.jpg








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Well great and good for Bob and hope he continue to enjoy the challenge... I guess about all I can do is type on the computer with one hand/finger as my left side is very paralyzed and unusable for me the more I try to use it I drop stuff all the time...


Maybe one day I'll be able to use that hand again...

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Sandy :


thats amazing. i am glad Bob is enjoying this new hobby. I looked for a while to what I can do with just one hand thankfully my exercise, cooking & TV fills up my day &I no longer have a time to get into any new hobby. for me chatting blogging all  works wonder for me emotionally.



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I would put Bob to blogging if he could type, and think what to write -but he has very limited computer skills. I do sometimes give him small things like write a paragraph about a subject, to keep pushing him to being able to express himself in writing. 


He could do more with one hand, if there weren't sequencing problems and some cognition loss.   I was teaching him how to look at things on ebay today, and spent HOURS going back over to him to tell him again how to move the page, how to click on something, etc.   He is picking up on it though.   It is strange for him to have to struggle to do the smallest thing on a computer, when he used to write power point presentations and present them around the world!   But, he is in a good spot where he is able to apply himself to slowly learning different skills again :)

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Sandy - that is incredible. Good idea and he seems to really be interested. Those sketches are great! And yes, I agree, keep up with some writing. Keep us posted. Debbie

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Sandy, that is such a good idea and Bob is doing great with it.  It is good that he is so motivated.  I wish I could get Larry to try different things but he is SO stubborn.  I just brought some books home from the library as he said he would like to read again.  We shall see.



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I just love to read about your creativity and Bob's determination!!! Yes, although recovery slows, his is certainly continuing along!!!



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Sandy, what a neat idea! Anything that help hand/eye coordination is a good idea. Pre stroke I built models with Erector sets ( mechanical toy). After my stroke holding the parts and screws was not possible. So I started with Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. I have now progressed to doing my Erector sets again. Best of results to both of you.

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