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Amazing Monday



Be careful what you ask for you're liable to get it.

I prayed to be able to help somebody and I got a phone call from my mother in law. She is 84 and a certified personal trainer. This is the person who last year when my insurance cut off my outpatient therapy, because they said I was done, even through my therapist all said I needed more. She came to my house 5 days a week to work with me, (saved me); now I ask you is there any way I could say no to her?

She needed assistance with her brother. He has had multiple TIA’s, and I assume he is still having them.

He doesn’t want to take about his strokes, I’ve tried and even invited him to a support group and he refused.

He has not bathed in a long time and smells to high heaven.

I went with her over the weekend he agreed to go to the doctor, I went there yesterday to assist him with personal hygiene, Of course I made a joke that we were not goin to replay ant scenes from “midnight express or broke back mountain”, dead silence.

He refused my assistance. My mother in law and I decided just as well if his doc sees him as he is.

He is having trouble with words.

Please include him in your prayers.


I had a meeting at the other hospital in town about doing volunteer work.

Had a great discussion about what I would like to do, the coordinator said they don’t have a position to work with a specific group. However in the past she developed a program called”” Compassionate companion

“. She loved my idea and my enthusiasm. I What an amazing day.

The coordinator is a cancer survivor, so she understands the need to talk to someone who “gets it”.

Peace, love, joy and prayers,





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