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Golden Opportynity



While on the bus this morning, a friendmade a comment about his sister having a stroke this past Sunday, She was transfered to a Msjor University based hospital in Detroit, I said good place to be they saved my life. he said she has pressure on the brain I assume cerebral hemorrhage, just like me. I told him to tell his brother and other sister that Saturdays are really hard, once she gets into inpatient rehab.

I gave him my contact inforation, so when she gets back home, I would love to talk with her.


I said, the next time you see her let her know there is still hope for the future. If she has survived this much, she will do find. he said, she's just as stubborn as I am.

Make sure she knows, it's not easy, but with hardwork, she will regain some functional use of ythe affected arm and leg.


I'm looking forward to meeting the latest menber of our exclusive club.


There are always opportunities.

peace, love, joy and prayers,



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