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Life post stroke liberating



I have always been offended by racial slurs, the difference now is I am confident enough and comfortable with myself that I make my distain clear to the offending party rather than sitting by in silence.

I had an encounter with an individual the other day who referred to a young African American as a "darkie" I know the person is mentally ill, that doesn't matter I told how offensive the comment was to me. She claimed to be born a darkie, I clarified my position you may have been born an African American but you look like

A middle aged white woman referred to another person in a deroitiry term and I am offended by it. She then degan to make other excuses like her boss uses the term all the time. I said, that no excuse it is offensive to me. She then asked what my race was, I said human.

I know she will not make the mistakes of using racial slurs in front of me again because I'm sure she doesn't want to hear my lecture. So my conclusion is as a result of my stroke I am liberator enough to express my true feelings to total strangers


Love joy،



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