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Embarrassing moment



While transferring from one bus to another I walked into an elderly woman and almost knocked her over, a little background to look at me you wouldn't know that I had a stroke I'm walking pretty good I do have some left sided weakness but its a visual impairment that's a real kicker

The woman had exited the bus from the back door and was walking along the side of the bus and I didn't see herbecause she was on my left side which I am completely blind and a step towards the bus and slammed right into her the bus driver joking with me said why you trying to knock people out of the way now? I said I need a sign that says blind man walking he said I guess that's better than dead man walking

So I explained to him my visual impairment as a result of the stroke

Rather embarrassing I see the woman almost everyday she's getting off the bus that I'm getting on so tomorrow I will take the opportunity to explain to her and apologize once again.

Why do I need to apologize for my recovery?


I don't just those accidents that happen from time to time. I guess the only way to prevent those accidents from happening is this just stay home which I refuse to do I'm a social being and I need to be around people

Peace, love, joy and prayers,



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