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Sunday morning Saturday review



I meet another new friend Tom who survived a second stroke. I was available for activities at the hospital, he was the only one tocome down we talked at least an hour what a great guy I'll be checking on him next week.

My wife attended a wedding of a long time friend, the first " same sez marriage in our town.

My neighbors son had a high school graduation open house the last one in the neighbirhood,we had the first 18 years ago, my daughter wasvremanicing about babysitting the recent grad when he was the same age as her youngest now 14 month old. She's feeling old at 27.

The nerrygo round of life continues.

What an amazing day, looking back on yesterday.


This morning the 14 month old showed his sense of humor just like grandpa. He was in bed with grandma when she asked him for a kiss he crawled over her to give grandpa a kiss and then laugh, every time grandma asked for a kiss he would give grandpa one. What a player. Lol

Wonder where he gets his sense of humor.


I lived it of course my laughter only encouraged this behavior.

Just like me if I get a good laugh I'm only encouraged

What a wedding to be with my grand sin in an early Sunday morning.

Thank you God for giving me this new lease on life.


Peace, love, joy and prayers,



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